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We are not constants. In my visual art, I embrace my shifting identities by symbolizing interactions with the people and environments that surround me. I seek to traverse human relationships with ourselves and our communities by stretching out time in long exposures, painting landscapes with light and ink, and narrating my personal and family history using meaningful objects, unconventional perspectives, and natural spaces.

Constructive Interference, 2023

Charcoal on Paper, Life-Size Scale


Monotype Triptych, 2023 | 11x15

Cellophania Obscura, 2020

Mixed Media Photographic Scan on Paper

Scholastic National Gold Medal, 2021

Exhibited at The Bronx Documentary Center, New York City, 2021

Two-Way Glass, 2022

Pen and Ink on Paper | 11x14

Starlit Reunion of the Self, 2021 

Scholastic Southwest Regional Gold Key, 2022

Storm Drain Tunnel, 2020

Digital Photograph

Caprice on Paper, 2020

Digital Photograph

You're Here Too, 2022

Pen and Ink on Toned Paper

Brief Study in Flow, 2022

Pen and Ink on Toned Paper

Where the Fire is Pointing Us, 2022

Long Exposure Photograph

Eleven, 2020

Featured in Albuquerque Journal 2020 (above)

Cyan Was Not the Imposter, 2020

Digital Painting

Stop Bath (2024)

Writer/Director | Editor

The New Old Witches (2023)

Original Score Composition | Cinematographer | Editor

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