"New Functional, Smart, Sustainable, and Renewable Cellulose Materials: Redesigning Wood" - UConn Kasi Group 2022

  • Implemented Azo and Norbornene compounds in cellulose nanocrystal side-chain copolymers to induce temperature and UV-light-induced isomer shifts to be applied in renewable, biodegradable, versatile soft robotic materials.

  • Skills: Chemical Synthesis (See reactions run in presentation) | NMR Spectroscopy | FTIR | ATR | WAXS | SAXS | ChemDraw

  • Presented Research to University of Connecticut Material Sciences Department, July 2022.

"'ARemember' - Optimizing Unique AR VE Creation Using Physical Surroundings and Atmospheric Adjustments" - UCSB SRA 2021

  • Worked as Lead Developer in a team of three to devise and implement C# solutions in MRTK-Unity virtual augmented reality space. Proof-of-concept solutions included contextually-relevant atmospheric adjustments, FOV/DOF alterations, and illusory architectural changes to make a static physical environment feel new.

  • Conducted user study in which 66.7% of users felt a given combination of adjustments were effective in rendering a physical space unrecognizable, whilst retaining immersion and playability. Research property of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

  • Skills: MRTK-Unity | C# | Github VCS | Ethical Study Design

  • Presented Research at Public Symposium, July 2021.

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